TV Review: ‘Eye Candy’

Among the weights of shows related with MTV is a need to feel energetic and incidentally on the bleeding edge. The dramatization “Sight to behold” misses the mark regarding those walking orders, giving Victoria Equity a role as a youthful programmer attempting to track down her missing sister, and at the same time chased by a vicious hunter. Fundamentally, it’s Nancy Drew meets “Stalker” (almost matching that CBS show regarding terrible killings), and ends up being generally eminent for Equity moving on from Nickelodeon jobs (“Zoey 101,” “Successful”) to its Viacom kin. Expecting the studio advocates support to-grave work, at any rate she can rely on a television Land gig in her lead prosecutor years.

Adjusted from R.L. Stine’s top rated novel into a 10-scene arrangement, “Sight to behold” starts on a dreary note, as Equity’s Lindy watches her more youthful sister get grabbed directly before her. After three years, she’s 21 and as yet looking for pieces of information, while utilizing her exceptional “blessing” to spot associations online to help other people in a comparable issue, by means of a Web website named

In any case, Lindy isn’t the just one with distraught PC abilities, and quite soon she understands an executioner is following her developments. Or on the other hand as she puts it, “Imagine a scenario in which somebody is utilizing virtual to follow and possibly slaughter individuals.”

First off, you have a serialized dramatization that — in one of its additional upsetting contacts — really lets said stalker, whoever he is, give a portion of the portrayal. “The Web: God’s blessing to maniacs,” he murmurs.

As evolved by Christian Taylor, who composed the debut with Emmy Grinwis, “Gorgeous sight” (which gets its name from the sign-on Lindy uses to contact potential suspects through a dating site) is unquestionably tense, in a “Shout” sort of way. In any case, it’s totally subsidiary — “Veronica Mars” with a fast modem. That incorporates Lindy’s buddies (Kiersey Clemons, John Garet Stoker), who invest the greater part of their energy nudging her to have a public activity.

There’s likewise something fairly skeptical in expecting that essentially projecting more youthful leads will be sufficient to bring in watchers in Equity’s demo when she’s enclosed by a bundle that in any case wouldn’t watch strange on CBS or dynamite — “CSI” for the understudy loan swarm.

Equity has clearly grown up, and she has the correct last name to feature a wrongdoing show. However her character appears woefully overmatched in the beginning phases, maybe in light of the fact that this is one of those concealed executioners who some way or another figures out how to be wherever on the double, as the body tally and blow-back mount.

So while the way that MTV is diving into wrongdoing and thrill rides given the class’ toughness may feel like television 101, “Beautiful sight” for the most part lives down to its title — reminding us, in television terms, that no one will be successful for eternity.

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