PM chairs high-level meeting on Greece boat tragedy

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday chaired a high-level assembly concerning human smuggling and the latest capsizing of a boat inside the Mediterranean close to Greece, in Islamabad.

The choicest became briefed in detail concerning the Greece shipwreck and the PM directed government to bring those accountable for the boat incident to justice as quickly as possible.

The meeting became attended by using Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, Special Assistant Tariq Fatemi, DG FIA, chief secretary Azad Jammu and Kashmir and applicable senior officers.

Participants of the meeting had been instructed that the Greek Coast Guard recognized the boat on June 12, which become envisioned to have round seven hundred people on board. The boat turned into owned with the aid of an Egyptian guy with most people on board belonging to Syria, Libya and Pakistan.Hundred-and-four people from the boat were rescued alive out of which 15 belong to Pakistan, the members have been in addition informed.

Moreover, it become revealed that a complete of 15 human beings were arrested after the boat overturned, such as the principle suspect inside the incident.The superior became similarly knowledgeable that an organised community in different international locations is concerned in human trafficking.

“Why had been the activities of human traffickers now not stopped in time,” the PM questioned at some point of the meeting.

Shehbaz expressed his anger and similarly wondered why administrations of the affected human beings’s districts did now not take timely word of the activities of the involved smugglers and sellers.

He additionally informed the investigation committee to complete the movement and put up a record on the incident quickly.

PM Shehbaz additionally directed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to absolutely supervise the research and formulate proposals for necessary regulation to punish those responsible.Moreover, directing the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take adequate measures, the gold standard advised commissioner Gujranwala to become aware of such retailers within the district and convey them underneath the law soon and to take effective measures to prevent it.

A day earlier, the “top accused” accountable for human trafficking which brought about the incident, Mumtaz Arain, changed into arrested after instructions from Punjab Inspector General (IG) Dr Usman Anwar.

The demise toll in the catastrophe may want to pinnacle many hundred as witness accounts counseled that four hundred to 750 people packed the fishing boat that sank about 50 miles (80km) from the southern Greek city of Pylos.

Greek government have said 104 survivors and 78 our bodies of the dead were delivered ashore inside the on the spot aftermath. Hopes had been fading of finding any extra people alive.

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