New guidelines on LPG air-mix plants okayed

The authorities has authorised new coverage guidelines at the set up of liquefied petroleum gasoline (LPG) air-mix plant life via the non-public sector.Under the brand new regulations, the private sector will be loose to installation LPG air-blend flowers on industrial considerations through bearing the price and liabilities concern to meeting the regulator’s, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra), licensing and operational necessities.

The supply desire or dedication mentioned in the LPG (Production & Distribution) Policy 2016 will no longer be relevant to the air-blend flowers evolved through the non-public quarter.

However, the air-blend vegetation can be entitled to bulk LPG purchase on the manufacturer rate notified by using Ogra now and again. Tariff for the air-blend flowers, evolved and operated via the non-public sector, can be deregulated.

The fame of air-blend plant licences may be similar to that for LPG garage, filling and distribution plant licences and that they may additionally be entitled to LPG import ruled by way of the prevailing trade policy and some other applicable policies/ regulation/ rule or instructions/ directives of the federal government.Under the hints, the air-mix plant licensee will now not prohibit purchasers/ providers from switching to alternative, competing fuels provided via any 1/3 birthday party (be it piped natural gasoline, LPG cylinders, every other air-mix plant, virtual LNG pipeline, etc).

The licensee will notify a month-to-month tariff for customers and additionally put up details of tariff to Ogra by the tenth of each month.

The regulator will make sure that the air-blend plant licensee does now not take any measures to save you the marketing of LPG cylinders inside the region where the plant substances the gasoline.

The decision of lawsuits in respect of the pipeline community for LPG distribution and its metering for households can be undertaken by Ogra, as being executed inside the herbal fuel zone.

“Ogra, being a regulator of LPG zone, is cautioned to comply with policy tips,” the Petroleum Division stated.

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