‘Lazy’ and ‘dull’ scriptwriting: Fans unhappy with Ranveer Singh’s latest, ‘Cirkus’

Fans are relatively unimpressed by Rohit Shetty’s long-awaited directorial, Cirkus, which launched on December 23. The Ranveer Singh starrer, which promised its target market an revel in complete of entertainment and laughter, reputedly did not hit the mark-leaving the theatre in crickets.

Even with its picturesque locations, colorful clothes, and glamorous art path, human beings on Twitter have dubbed the slapstick comedy a large flop.

Taking to Twitter, a fan defined the movie as Shetty’s “laziest” work thus far. They said, “The amazing aspect approximately films like Heropanti 2, Satyameva Jayate 2 and Rashtra Kavach OM is that they’re so lousy that you surely burst into laughter in the intense moments! Cirkus on the other hand is lazy, hole and honestly painful to watch! Rohit Shetty’s laziest film up to now.”Another Tweep mockingly commented on how Shetty needs to listen to his very own recommendation. “In most of his latest interviews, Rohit Shetty seems to give profound lectures on why Bollywood films are failing these days. It is hilariously ironic because he would possibly want to look at the ones clips nowadays,” wrote the user.Moving on, greater disappointed lovers chimed in at the conversation and criticised the movie’s scriptwriting for being cliched and previous. “Slapping every other, making weird faces continues to be a comedy for Rohit Shetty in 2022,” commented one person, at the same time as any other celebrated the backlash acquired to the movie. They said, “Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh’s movie getting catastrophe response is a great signal. Finally, Bollywood is restoration from under-average administrators and actors.”In any other Tweet, a fan urged filmmakers to prevent taking their audience without any consideration. They said, “The reviews of Cirkus are out and the unanimous view is that it’s a horrible film and no longer entertaining at all. The simple cause is that Rohit Shetty has became self-obsessive and conceited. The writing turned into at the wall. This hasn’t come as a wonder. Never take the target audience as a right!”Many customers additionally utilised comedy to relay their sentiments about the film. “The great a part of Cirkus became when it ended,” a fan wrote, while any other shared a photograph of a poker-confronted guy looking a film, with a caption that read, “Me watching the ‘comedy’ film Cirkus during the 1st half of.”A few humans, however, selected to spotlight the positives of the movie and advised others to be less important. “Saw Cirkus and definitely, it does make for a timepass movie. Yes, the jokes are typically within the 2d-1/2 and some of the gags do make you snicker well. However, it is no longer as though the first half of does not have its moments. We seem to have grow to be manner too critical and are questioning in extremes!” referred to one person.Another user pointed out how one awful movie can’t make a dent in the lauded director and actor’s profession. They shared, “I’m appalled at how a few human beings in the enterprise and exchange are celebrating the failure of Cirkus. Out of 15 films directed by way of Rohit Shetty, 11 are HITS. Ranveer has also given many successful movies. Cirkus is a blip. Both will bounce back.”

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