Jemima Goldsmith clarifies her kids Kasim, Sulaiman are not on social media

Jemima Goldsmith, the previous spouse of ex-most reliable Imran Khan, is specifically disillusioned with Elon Musk for getting rid of the blue-tick verification particularly after trolls made fake accounts of her kids, Kasim and Sulaiman Isa Khan. The British producer shares the youngsters with Imran.

The fake bills got here amidst political chaos in the us of a – and the What’s Love Got To Do With It? Maker blames Musk for it. The bills had photographs of the children with their father, Imran, and had edited fan snap shots of the previous ultimate within the background.On Thursday, Jemima took to Twitter and retweeted a submit asking whether or not the 2 profiles claiming to be her youngsters have been real or now not. “Thanks, Elon Musk. Fake money owed pretending to be my kids were created by imposters with a political time table in Pakistan. This is exactly what I feared would manifest when you took away Twitter’s verification blue ticks,” she wrote.She further clarified that her youngsters are not on social media. “For your data, my children are not on social media and haven’t any plans to be,” she concluded.

This is not the primary time the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) chairman’s former family has been centered for political gains. Earlier this 12 months in March, Jemima pronounced unidentified guys that attempted to interrupt into her London condominium inside the nighttime. The journalist and filmmaker also shared photographs of the men on her Twitter account, asking if anyone within the public can pick out the trespassers. “If you can perceive them, then please permit me recognise,” she wrote.

In 2022, a crowd of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) supporters held a protest outside the house of Jemima’s 88-year-old mother in Surrey.

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