Ithaka’ Review: A Documentary Asks If Julian Assange’s Fight for Freedom Is Ours as Well

More often than now not, an across the world known freedom fighter will have a character and temperament as heroic because the moves that made him well-known. Just observe Nelson Mandela, Alexei Navalny, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, or — as arguable a parent as he stays — Edward Snowden, who for 10 years has performed himself as a profile in courage. But there are times while the non-public and the political don’t sit so effortlessly in the same character.

Julian Assange is one of these people. From the moment he launched WikiLeaks, the renegade website that provided an anonymous home for newshounds and whistleblowers to spill the secrets and unload the documents of global electricity, there has been an air of absolutism approximately him, a bombs-away belief inside the rightness of his movements that teetered, at times, into anarchistic recklessness. Assange, like Snowden, exposed essential revelations approximately how governments, particularly the government of the USA, function: the corruptions and cover-united states of americaand collateral damage. Unlike Snowden, he served up his exposés in an competitive, indiscriminate manner that seemed designed to region himself at the center of the communication.By the time Assange become accused of sexual misconduct in Sweden, and took diplomatic safe haven in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, whether or not or now not he changed into responsible (the data of that 2010 case stay murky) the Assange logo had acquired a diploma of harm. On the media level, he’d grow to be the freedom fighter as left-wing movie star narcissist, a smirking lizard in his rock-star white hair, like Sting as a radical philosophy professor.

Yet you may accept as true with all that about Assange and nonetheless assume it’s wrong — deeply incorrect, not to say risky — for the American authorities to be seeking to throw him in prison for the crime of disclosing secrets approximately the Iraq War. The new documentary “Ithaka” is all about the Assange case, despite the fact that he’s slightly in the movie (we see surveillance footage of him in the Ecuadorean Embassy, where he changed into constrained for seven years, and we listen his voice on the telephone). The film changed into shot after Assange become arrested from the Embassy, in 2019, and imprisoned in HMP Belmarsh in London, wherein he spent the subsequent nine months looking ahead to his extradition hearing in a UK courtroom.Would the courtroom accede to the call for of U.S. Government that Assange be extradited to America, in which he could be positioned on trial for violating the Espionage Act of 1917? If that occurred, he’d be the first journalist or writer to be tried for that. The impact would be (and already has been) chilling. It’s essentially the government threatening future whistleblowers, who from the days of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers onward were an vital test and stability at the excesses of American power.

Assange, on WikiLeaks, posted files in partnership with The Guardian and The New York Times. Why have the ones papers no longer been accused of violating the Espionage Act? Because it’s plenty simpler to goal an underground agitator like Assange. The U.S. Government have tried to awareness at the crime of hacking, however make no mistake: What’s being threatened is what the mainstream media does, or is supposed to do — print the information it deems crucial, even supposing it exhibits government fabric it’s technically forbidden to reveal. Even if Assange did violate the law, to say he’s an international traitor, responsible of espionage, is pretty the sinister stretch.

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