Is ‘Kala Doriya’ the next ‘Suno Chanda’? Nadia Afgan clarifies

TV entertainer Nadia Afgan is seldom seen on screen however when she takes on a job, she rejuvenates it with her irresistible enthusiasm. Frequently drew nearer for comedies, Afgan’s comic timing and conveyance make her silly onscreen. In any case, she adds her own flavor to even the serious jobs she takes up.

After the mammoth outcome of the hit romantic comedy, Suno Chanda, the entertainer is good to go to get back to the little screen with one more show, Kala Doriya. The show sequential stars Afgan close by Sana Javed and Osman Khalid Butt in the number one spot jobs. In a new Q&A meeting with the fans, Afgan shared insights regarding her impending show and how it is comparative yet not a total duplicate of the Farhan Saeed and Iqra Hussain-starrer.

The entertainer shared that her personality in Kala Doriya is fairly like that of Shahana. Answering a question, Afgan shared, “I’m doing likewise job as Shahana, notwithstanding, this character is named Tanno.”Afghan encouraged neighborhood channels to accept new scholars. “We really want new personalities to direct our stories as of now! Certainly, workmanship impersonates life yet could the projection at any point be better? Could the contents at any point be better? The inquiry I am as yet compelled to pose is; the reason mightn’t there be solid female characters on screen? For what reason mightn’t there be more engaged, intriguing characters composed for ladies?”

Afgan guaranteed there are more pressing issues in life than marriage and a lady, or a man, not having the option to find an admirer isn’t the story individuals care about any longer. “There’s one more show really taking shape, jismen legend ki shaadi nae ho parae hai (in which the legend can’t get hitched). Kindly stop.”

The entertainer began her vocation with PTV. She featured in numerous dramatizations and, surprisingly, facilitated diversion shows, including a PTV evening time transmission for a long time. Her nominal jobs in Shashlik, Raju Rocket and Bilqees Kaur made her very popular.

In 2018, Afgan wandered into the course with the TV chronic Parlor Wali Larki. Furthermore, more as of late, she was granted for her exhibition in Suno Chanda.

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