Iran’s supreme leader appears at religious event, following period of absence

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei acquired a set of traffic in the course of a non secular rite on Saturday, his first public look for extra than two weeks, and entreated them to behave with patience and perseverance.

State tv showed Khamenei, eighty three, status as he spoke in a steady voice to his target market sitting on the ground about the significance of Arbaeen, a ceremony that marks the stop of a forty-day mourning length for the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Imam Hussain.Two assets near Khamenei denied to Reuters on Friday that his fitness had deteriorated, responding to questions on his fitness. Khamenei had now not appeared in public considering that he met fans in Tehran on Sept. 3, sparking rumours on social media that he become unwell.The New York Times stated on Friday, quoting four people acquainted with Khamenei’s health situation, that the best leader had cancelled all conferences and public appearances remaining week after falling gravely unwell, and said he become presently on bedrest and below commentary via docs.

Khamenei informed the collection on Saturday that believers need to rely on the Qur’an which calls for persistence when facing hard instances – an obvious reference to Iran’s financial woes because the country faces US sanctions.

“Patience method perseverance, it method resisting, now not getting tired, not feeling yourself at a lifeless quit,” Khamenei said, maintaining a microphone.

“Take the proper way and take others alongside to the proper direction.”A Russian battalion had parked its tanks subsequent to a cemetery, slicing down branches and building underground shelters with neat log roofs. Izium’s struggle useless – 443 human beings considering February – joined them in nearby sandy plots. They included 17 Ukrainian soldiers. They have been dug up on Friday from a scooped-out hollow for a tank, used as a mass grave.

Ukraine’s militia found the grisly web page after they swept into Izium per week ago, as a part of a lovely counter-offensive that saw them recapture almost the complete north-eastern Kharkiv region. On Friday, the primary 40 our bodies have been removed. Some had their palms bound collectively; at the decayed arm of a woman turned into a bracelet in Ukrainian blue-and-yellow colors. On Saturday, professionals in white boiler fits persevered digging. Graves have been marked with wood crosses. Watched through police, they scraped, pulled out bodies and laid them carefully in a glade. The first was a soldier, identifiable from his camouflage trousers and boots. Then two civilians – one in all likelihood woman – and every other soldier. All were zipped up in white bags.“Sometimes we find ID and passports. But we don’t have names for a lot of the ones here. Or reason of loss of life,” Roman Kasianenko, the deputy chief prosecutor for Kharkiv, advised the Observer. “There are a few signs of torture. We discovered people with hands tied together and damaged limbs.” But, he burdened: “It’s too early to say if this is every other Bucha.”

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