Imran Khan is mentally unstable; has drug addiction

Pakistan Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel, who held a press conference on Friday, asserted that the clinical reviews of former Prime Minister Imran Khan were “questionable” and claimed he did no longer go through any leg injuries all through November’s “assassination” attempt.

“This is your top minister about whom a 5-member panel of senior docs is announcing that his mental stability is questionable. There changed into a few beside the point gesture,” Dawn quoted Patel as announcing in a press conference.
“The clinical file is pronouncing that when we talked to Imran for a long time, his movements were not that of a suit man.”

Khan consumes immoderate pills and alcohol: Patel

According to the health minister, the present day revelation got here nearly three weeks after a team of doctors gathered samples of Khan’s urine and leg when he become arrested on May nine inside the Al-Qadir Trust case.

Patel, even as speaking to media humans, claimed Khan’s scientific reviews indicated he has been eating excessive alcohol and tablets.

According to Patel, the clinical document suggests the presence of toxic elements and the immoderate usage of alcohol and cocaine.

Govt to do so on docs who cast Imran’s leg record

Further, the health minister also raised grave issues over Khan’s assassination bid in November, wherein he claimed that his legs were fractured. Patel said, “Medical reviews claim his legs had been best but he went around with a plaster on his leg for five to 6 months.”

“Have you ever visible every body having himself plastered for a wound at the pores and skin or muscle?” he brought.

In staunch phrases, the Pakistan Health minister said he may be writing to the disciplinary committee of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council on the “first working day”, asking them to summon docs who “wrongly” declared PTI chief Imran Khan’s leg changed into fractured.

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